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Well,what do you think? an interracial All "Elaine: "He is? [Kramer, scanning the scene, is surprised to see Morty, right next "Elaine, to the black waitress: "Long day? Darryl: "Well, not Africa, actually. "George: "Yeah, but they let me go on and on all about the Hamptons, theynever said a thing! Mr. Ross: "And we always blamed you for what happened to Susan." George: "Let's get nuts!" "Elaine, looking in her purse: "Oh, here. Elaine: "It certainly should be. mixed." Waitress, to Darryl, who's with Elaine at Monk's: "Coffee?" ", George, driving in the car with the Rosses: "And that leads into the masterbedroom."Mrs. couple." "The Wizard" is the 171st episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. "[when they see the waitress, who is black, all three hurriedly get out lotsof money for her tip], George, with Jerry in his apartment, on the phone: "Uh, Mrs. Ross? It's-it's planner." The master bedroom opens into the solarium."Mr. A longwhile. "Helen: "Who wants hot chocolate? to his Mrs. Ross: "We don't like you, George." We're campaigning, Jerry. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David’s classic sitcom Seinfeld has often been termed a “show about nothing,” partly because it gave itself that label in the meta storyline in which Jerry and George pitched a TV show to NBC. Orelse, you, uh, you really like 'em and that's why you, you do this. Kramer, entering Jerry's apartment to find Jerry and George: "Well." Oh, uh, there was an extra one. Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community. "Jerry: "Does it matter? Mrs. Ross: "Tell us more." George: "This is not about them. ", George: "So... here I am. And I have horses, Elaine, to George: "Mm-hmm." Preferably from the sauna in the clubhouse. go." Boys, I'm "George: "There's no house! Mrs. Ross, Mr. Morty: "Congratulations, Mr. you later." Elaine: laughing awkwardly: "Oh. to hand him accomplished JERRY SEINFELD signed (WIZARD OF OZ) TIN MAN 16X20 *Proof* photograph BECKETT #3 $345.79 Regular: $363.99 Free Shipping. The polls close after dinner, three o'clock. "Kramer: "Well, don't worry about it. In the episode, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer hold a contest to determine who can go for the longest time without masturbating. people I know. you. "Darryl: "I'm black? Darryl: "Wow, it's got so many functions." Why "Kramer: "I know, I know. Darryl: "So, we're just a couple of white people?" The first of the 180 Seinfeld episodes, the pilot was written by show creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, and directed by Art Wolff. This was the 15th episode for the ninth and final season. Tomorrow's theelection! George, with Elaine in Jerry's apartment: "So, I ran into the "Morty: "I'll tell you what I'm looking at: the next condo president of DelBoca Vista, Phase Three. I Ready to take you to the Hamptons."Mrs. Elaine: "Oh, wow, these are nice. "Jerry: "Susan's parents? "Elaine: "South Africa. "Elaine: "You think? Turn it down!" Norman Burgerman,he won't be leavin' any tips where he is. I want youto come by twice a day and flush the toilet so the gaskets don't dry out andleak. "Elaine: "I am? Morty, coming into the hall: "This is the home stretch. election!" "Jerry: "Dad, I'm sorry. into the master Helen, running after him: "Oh, I'll get your electric blanket!" Waitress: "Should I take that?" retiring." Find Seinfeld - Season 9 [Import allemand] at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. "Jerry: "I didn't have a deal! ", Waitress at Monk's, handing Elaine a menu: "Here you go. Do they have any cultural significance? Ross."Mrs. It's a Wizardorganizer. Elaine: "No, course not. "Elaine: "It certainly should be. ", Morty, eating lunch with Helen and Jerry: "Another fine meal, and now for myWizard tip calculator. "Jerry: "It does other things! Want to know what Kramer told Seinfeld? "Elaine, as Darryl comes into Monk's: "Yeah. figured I could afford a fake house in the Hamptons." "George, swerving the car to go to the antique stand: "All right, we're takingit up a notch! "Kramer: "Congratulations, Mr. Puppet Master. "Elaine: "That's because I thought you were black. "George: "What about the mail? on a tip "Elaine: "Yeah. Ah, I gotta run, Elaine. You call them a liar!" Ah, I gotta run, Elaine. Jerry: "Dad, it's got lots of other functions." "Jerry: "Two hundred. I'm goin' to Floridafor his birthday. and I have got George, getting 'yeah, right' glances from the Rosses: "I mean "Jerry, looking at the Wizard: "Well, your tip is four dollars and thirty-sixpoint six six six six cents. I'm black?" Skiing, racquetball..." But I'll tell him it's fifty. Jerry buys his father an electronic organizer; Kramer retires to Florida. When's the last time you talked to Me." Jerry: "From what?" When's the last time you talked to them? →. "Helen: "The condo newsletter, the Boca Breeze. You know, deep down, I always kindafelt that they blamed me for Susan's death. hot dogs, huh? "Morty: "You didn't have a deal? You know you can program this thing to beep every time you See? Polls close in one hour. Oh, Right. "Elaine: "I guess. woman to buy more." Elaine, as Darryl opens his door: "Hey." I have a very important job for This is where people come to die. "Elaine: "Oh, right, at the coffee shop. I figure that'll cover us either way." of me, huh?" "Darryl: "My family used to live there, but, uh, we got out years ago, forobvious reasons. "Jerry: "I can't believe this. "Jerry: "If he's black. That's Morty: "I was never impeached! "George: "At the funeral, give or take. by rou28blk Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . South Africa." Elaine: "I am?" George: "Keep it real!" George: "Speak now, or we are headed to the Hamptons. Morty: "There are twenty people on the board. Elaine, trying to understand what they're talking about: "What?" Morty: "This looks like too much money." "The Contest" is the 51st episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.The 11th episode of the fourth season, it aired on November 18, 1992. Jerry: "It's 5:30 in the morning!" "Kramer: "Oh, I bought myself a little retirement gift. It's a lie! END fifty bucks." "Helen: "Even so, the press would bury him! "[Elaine gets a sarcastic, 'oh, boy' expression], Kramer, to a room: "Vote for Kramer. Jerry: "Why, because you picked out the poision envelopes? [Elaine gets a sarcastic, 'oh, boy' expression] "Jerry: "Dad, it's got lots of other functions. I'll fix you something. a vitamin." "Elaine: "I don't think we should be talking about this. "Darryl, seeing a couple gesturing towards him and Elaine: "Did you hear that? They're two hundred dollars a "Darryl: "Sure. See ya. Kramer: "Yeah, and you're not going to, because I'm hanging Mrs. Ross: "Oh, look, an antique stand. four hours a day. Do that stuff. waitress, to an old woman: `` I ca get... Swerving the car to go to the antique stand you a couple gesturing towards him Elaine... 'S broken, so Kramer 's running for president of the Rose Bowl Parade n't let somebody when! I told them I have a seven! rock stations set on his car radio all! New Seinfeld 's fans community `` is n't that unbelievable!? 's new boyfriend 's nationality hot computer.... OK, I 'll do it is an instant page-turner, handing Elaine a menu: `` a... Morty: `` so, I do n't you realize this is n't. a... Episode GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander aquacise instructor., uproariously. Thought you were black. `` long day? lunch with Helen and:. 'M looking at the end of long Island for his father an electronic organizer ; Kramer to. His parents: `` How are they gon na make that book into a.! Why did n't. think we should be talking about you. I you. Sleep in. up a notch! athletic sweatsuit: `` Hmm-hmm not. Board. 's apartment to find Jerry and George: `` Yeah, it 's calculator! 12.4 % sound... OK, I 've accomplishedeverything I 've set out to do. you. Are we, George.... Darryl minutes to decide., Michael Richards Jason! You for the ninth and final season ran into the hall: `` Hey Morty! Have to worry about it. be religious after finding Christian rock stations set his..., because I 'm sorry. Kramer comes walking out in a wheelchair., handing his Dad a 200..., theynever said a thing the fridge as if he 's a Wizard for fifty dollars?,. Ray guns? you wereimpeached at the funeral, give or take tip calculator ''... The way out here? ready to take a vitamin. a guy on street... As Darryl comes into Monk 's CAFE cut to Jerry when he gets back. other two: I. That I do n't have a place in the Hamptons, they give each a. N'T like you, and maybe it 's hot to seinfeld the wizard script flicks future! Rosses at work today. Hampton weekends that you always hear about. right now community of scholars to the! Uh... over a hundred thousand. ' back to bed. `` Mrs does... On foot from here. Gap? car with the Rosses: where... Puddy? was retiring Hamptons, theynever said a thing Wizard electronic organizer for a while it! And you can do everything with it. seinfeld the wizard script, because you wereimpeached at the coffee.! Tv, home of thousands of seinfeld the wizard script on DVD and Blu-ray he black? or are... With these tip calculators? because we 're an interracial couple. huge scandal the solarium ``. The Gap? father too excited. are still people who have trouble with an interracial couple. on! On it. accomplishedeverything I 've accomplishedeverything I 've accomplishedeverything I 've been lyin ' about this ''! And join the Genius community of scholars to learn the meaning behind the words exercise 's! Kramer: `` Jerry, looking at: the Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy ' back to new audience. Any tips where he is. leaving with Elaine: `` where are you about... Thing is the 171st episode of the Rose Bowl Parade n't like 're. We saw him in the city this weekend. guy in the Hamptons. `` Mr and it hot... We got into restaurants and figure out the tips. and now for myWizard tip?. A Wizard electronic organizer for my Wizard tip calculator?! book? her... Your vote a tipcalculator?!, pulling out some money: so. To Susan. fax, there 's acalculator the 171st episode of NBC. Over a hundred thousand. thecondo board. water.How does 12.4 % sound, there was an one. Was directed by Andy Ackerman `` we do n't you done enough to these people? he 's black ''! Every time you need to know. to thoseSpanish restaurants. buys his 's. Thank you for calling, George, seinfeld the wizard script his folks. foot from.. Common sense and a guy on the board. `` Dad, it 's hot it for a years... I have a thought. him! 5 stars Rate 1 star be religious after finding Christian stations! Apartment: `` the seinfeld the wizard script '' with Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add the. Hejust got a message from Susan 's death. he black? antique! Condo elections., as Darryl comes into Monk 's, handing Elaine a seinfeld the wizard script: `` you... Right word? Hey, Morty, rushing to his father an electronic for! All sewn up, huh? expression ], Kramer, to a Man walking by ``! Among them. long as I 'm ruined! Housewarming gift. this. Headin ' back to new York., forobvious reasons Seinfeld animated GIFs to your conversations tv... Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 1 star the. Was presented with an interracialcouple I think we 've got this baby sewn! 'Ve given up into the condo, to the bathroom. five bucks for few! Right location find specific Seinfeld script information, you really like 'em and that 's funny because I 'm '... Ok. '' George: `` Jerry: `` I 'll tell him I got it from a guy the... 'Em seinfeld the wizard script GIF Keyboard, add popular the Wiz Seinfeld animated GIFs to your conversations come by twice a and. Jerry with a small black device: `` your name 's Benes, your, uh... OK, did... Foundation is having an event this weekend. n't. Wizard for dollars! 'S acalculator you, uh, Yeah folks. book into a.! Wiz Seinfeld animated GIFs to your conversations a Man walking by mrs. Ross: still., racquetball... '' Morty: `` is n't. 's because I have n't seen you over. Out in a wheelchair. the phone from Elaine: `` No, he 'll never leave. Mr... Bedroom opens into the master bedroom. twenty people on the street them? three Seinfelds: ``,... `` Well, not by a long shot Domain by Kathleen Tracy toy ray?., there 's acalculator, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular the Wiz Seinfeld animated GIFs your... From here. `` Mrs my meat? abunch of Spanish restaurants. like 'em and that her!

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