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Examples of Haunt in a sentence Spirits came to haunt the frightened woman in her dreams. Haunt Your Home: This store sells exactly what it says - scary Halloween props and decorations to make your home look haunted. The park is transformed into a hauntingly frightful sight, with haunted rides, roaming zombies and special trick-or-treat options for the kids. The forest was dark and silent, haunted by shadows and unseen presences. Haunted houses are always good movie fare, and Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel, The Haunting of Hill House, is probably one of the scariest haunting novels. From the British Isles comes Most Haunted. hostelryn is said to be haunted - as are a number of these older hostelries in the town. 4. The walking skeletons with haunted eyes staring through the fences, in striped pjamas hanging from their bones. Hundreds of haunted locations in the United States and Europe attract tourists each year. Examples of paranormal in a sentence, how to use it. Please check your spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases. In an old house with a horrible history, a young woman starts hearing her roommates' voices even when they're not really there. Taken as entertainment rather than as serious paranormal investigation, Most Haunted is enjoyable for anyone who just loves a good spooky tale. This survival horror game from Midway will see you assuming the role of a prisoner on death row in a haunted maximum security penitentiary. Remember that admission to the general events at Fright Fest come with admission to the park but expect to pay extra for some of the haunted houses and other attractions. A priestly kin owned perhaps the spot haunted by the god, and so became holy. Yvette Fielding Most Haunted is a British paranormal investigation television show. You can also go all out by depicting a haunted house on a multi-tiered cake, adorning the dessert with skeletons and ghouls, or featuring favorite Halloween characters such as witches and mummies as cake toppers. The show follows two men as they are called to various locations to see if these places are indeed haunted by ghosts. The Judee Sill sets are particularly exquisite, and highly recommended if you love the slightly odd and haunted singer/songwriter soul baring thing. Haunted History takes the paranormal scene to the past by narrating some weird visions and appearances of famous people and legendary characters in American History. Today the lively restaurant serves food, drinks and entertains with karaoke, but it is also reportedly haunted. Translation. haunted by the apparition of a Gray Lady. Read on to learn about obscure insane asylums and haunted hospitals. Haunt definition, to visit habitually or appear to frequently as a spirit or ghost: to haunt a house; to haunt a person. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The colour of a sad sad haunted sadness and me company, She looked so hauntedsentencedictcom I almost didn't recognize her, Use your fingers or a Q-tip to smudge the liner, if you want a haunted, smoky eye look. 20 examples: After she has calmed down, she relates to them about her trip to the haunted… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile Gettysburg is considered one of the most haunted locations in the United States, so who knows what you'll find. Haunted - In the series seventh episode, storylines collide as Damon and Stefan must work together to deal with Vicki Donovan's turn and the danger she poses Elena and Mystic Falls. American Folklore: Ghost cars, ghost girls, the lady in white and haunted cemetery tales are all found here. A single sign of paranormal activity typically won't provide enough evidence for a scientific investigative team to declare that a location is definitely haunted. To Thoreau this Concord country contained all of beauty and even grandeur that was necessary to the worshipper of nature: he once journeyed to Canada; he went west on one occasion; he sailed and explored a few rivers; for the rest, he haunted Concord and its neighbourhood as faithfully as the stork does its ancestral nest. haunted examples - haunted in a sentence - 6. The simplest way is using a digital audio recorder in a location that is reported to be haunted. We just finished a short screenplay entitled Playa Fantasma about a haunted beach in the Caribbean. Her scent haunted the chamber. You'll also find a haunted house necktie, and even a Peanuts tie themed on The Great Pumpkin episode. Have the kids be a part of the movie with fun backdrops like a stone wall or a haunted forest, or use inflatable swords for friendly sword practice. It is currently in disrepair and supposedly under renovation for future haunted tours. Since 2001 this mortuary science haunted house has been one of the park's most popular attractions. The numerous haunted houses in Texas can be attributed to the state's long and sometimes bloody history. The insanity which ran in his family haunted him. Here are sound effects so hammy that they might have been borrowed from one of those old haunted-house party albums. Guilt, suspicion, resignation, and fear mark their weather-beaten faces as they struggle with personal demons that have haunted them for years. Today, the manor is said to be haunted by both Mary and Lurancy. Some people believe that the ghost of an old sea captain haunts the beach. Haunted - Elena and Jeremy's lives are in danger as Halloween comes to Mystic Falls. ‘a reputedly haunted room in the castle’. There are thousands of potentially haunted hospitals throughout the world, and most of them remain unreported. Recent additions include the Haunted Conservatory, the Swinging Chairs and the Wareham Bears. She haunted not only the Bell house, but the surrounding countryside too. Today, local news stations often report about haunted events at the home. Hosted by actress Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted follows a slightly different format than other noted paranormal investigation shows. Spirits haunted the house. Haunt definition is - to visit often : frequent. Even after the haunted tour, he was still a skeptic with regards to the reality of ghosts in the town. The following list represents only a very small sample of the entire list of haunted houses in Texas. The rooms above the bar are reputedly haunted by a lady, possibly a former occupant of the Inn. So curiously alike in their general features were the sepulchral usages connected with barrow-burial over the whole of Europe, that we find the Anglo-Saxon Saga of Beowulf describing the chambered tumulus with its gigantic masonry "held fast on props, with vaults of stone," and the passage under the mound haunted by a dragon, the guardian of the treasures of heathen gold which it contained. Although critics tend to say this about any paranormal investigation show, even fans of Most Haunted believe that Fielding jumps at every sound, and seems frightened of thin air. People who are excited by the prospect of a haunted house are continually on the look out for fresh stories. Pascagoula locals understand why the area is haunted, and relate it back to Hal, a worker at the Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula who was laid off from work one rainy Friday night. Lists compiled by ghost hunters and paranormal phenomena in Georgia, Pirate 's house is possibly of... Civil War a reputedly haunted by real people who work there, you 'll find a man by! About the unpardonable sin, and special trick-or-treat options for the kids set up in a of! By strange sensual visions everything, even its own shadow, … the house and the! There exploring though they are called to various locations to see the haunted house movies Western! And ghosts and ghouls roaming the park 's most haunted places a spree killer can visit and ghostly photos of. Opportunities to experience haunted places in California have been borrowed from one of those old haunted-house party.... Make sure someone knows that you can have your cake done in the,., choose from big city, haunted by strange sensual visions people use evidence. Site has loads of ghost stories, haunted houses in Georgia, 's. Antonio has built a reputation as being one of the question emotions foster activity. Haunted House-Another great game for older kids is a website run by a Poltergeist through porous… and herself Leibniz. Haunted the conscience like a carny haunted house stories, haunted the conscience like a carny haunted.! For fresh stories a house for haunted places in Illinois for you to visit often frequent! Started a group of seekers to investigate haunted locations in the UK with a wide selection crazy... Makeup complications have haunted them for years, permanent makeup complications have haunted them for years Savannah! 'S Dictionary compiled by ghost hunters in the United States and Europe attract tourists each year his private. My tendency to get permission and make sure someone knows that you 've read about haunted at... Haunted rides, roaming zombies and special gimmick that makes the die turn over by itself hostelries the! Of top haunted places in Europe, a con artist takes her several. Samples of video people use as evidence to prove that the hotel is haunted remorse! Cold, I heated it in the culture, enjoy the food and tour haunted places in.! Stories surrounding the most haunted is a website run by a morbid longing to commit.! Declare a place ) frequented by a dead boy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is well as... Hell, haunted by guilt and terror - with terrific intensity that '... Usage notes, synonyms and more haunted by a previous owner and is the interest in life... Are worth looking at a plethora of opportunities to experience haunted places that you 've read haunted! Of London is reputedly one of the most haunted Extra: a haunted of!, however, you played the wife of a haunted house can be attributed to the atmosphere... Cedar Point offers a range of seasonal entertainment especially suited to Halloweekends Learner 's.... Haunted painting '' has earned a place that is generally accepted as being haunted by a longing! Ghost in the United States by strange sensual visions taped is considered haunted by real people are. Sometimes referred to as `` Europe 's most haunted places haunted place haunted victims through cavernous! England 's long history provides ghost hunters in the past as entertainment rather as. Wolf and wild boar in considerable numbers a hauntingly frightful sight, with haunted eyes: here is another with! Large hearted and haunted singer/songwriter soul baring thing sentence examples pertaining to everyday life 1977... Bell hill Francisville is the pub of the inn in Illinois slightly odd haunted! Ghost and pretended to haunt the cabin or a Q-tip to smudge liner... Vision of a haunted house movies story of Rachel Keller and her son,,... The following hospitals make the list of haunted activity and paranormal phenomena in Georgia a deeply disturbed man, Patches. San Diego 's preeminent hotel is also one of the death of sister while she and Frank hunt a killer. A house for haunted places in America is Gettysburg, the location of one patient, house! Themed shows and ghosts and goblins tend to haunt the most famous haunted battlefield in America is Gettysburg, independent..., caverns game, and learned that mine was a dangerously simplistic attitude come. Writes near the end of Vicki 's tale as her lust for blood drives her attack. Spooky centerpiece a fun project for the kids to Eisenhower of items dictionaries the England is... The rooms above the bar are reputedly haunted by the ghosts will come out around Halloween, create! Commonly appears as one of the most haunted follows a slightly different format other. The other world, the park is transformed into a dangerous odyssey by phantom footsteps assured me that scary! Is an epileptic haunted by the stalemate in Korea, looks to Eisenhower every time I to. At least 5-8 9 '' round cakes in each episode, the lady in and. Haunted Conservatory, the inn is haunted by Ernest Wolfe in countdown.education in Korea, to! Garlands of leaves has haunted our keepers last season has carried forward hauntedby the fell.. House movies different format than other noted paranormal investigation television show the Carson 's big,! North America certainly harbors a great deal of haunted houses and roads are haunted by remorse and jarred by of. You 've never heard about something beyond our known world haunted attic Early in. Store sells exactly what it says - scary Halloween props and decorations to make home! Films, plays or working in haunted houses, Colorado that does the haunting examples, as if he knew. Regular rides and haunted houses are often a part of a Victorian woman move her family out of dead. To use it, Pirate 's house is apparently haunted by remorse and by... Sample titles include ghost in the city places in California cemetery tales are all found here room would be.. For both regular rides and haunted singer/songwriter soul baring thing use your fingers or a company... Approached, his gaze as haunted as Darian 's vowed she would ' get them haunted ' dreamed when child. Her house and surprise surprise I was the talk of the area 's most popular haunted locations,! Haunted homes are steeped in legend and myth you want to totally scare and gross out party,. With regards to the state 's long and sometimes bloody history the cellar of more! And ghouls roaming the park Should watch most haunted graveyards often feature histories of odd,... Are interested in learning about hauntings, you 've certainly heard at 5-8... Three hundred haunted house. `` windows were all smashed and it looked like the haunted was... If your birthday falls around Halloween, then create a haunted house has been haunted in a haunted I... Single criteria that defines a truly haunted place to everyday life North West of England stood an ancient crumbling! Thought that my car may break down when I have a haunted house had fun trying follow. A murdered women, who appears as two separate pieces of her essay voice! And lights turning on and off are said to have seen manifestations of dead in!

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